We Believe

In being Awesome. Creative. Innovative. Fun. In being prompt and ready for change. In the process of what we do. In doing Kick-ass work. We are here for a reason. Our role adds value. Our decisions have real time impact.

In taking action. For ideas if not well-executed will mean nothing. We believe in helping first and selling later for we are hungry but not desperate.

Instead of selling a service, we’d rather focus on doing what is best for our client. Even if it means telling them that we are not the right person for the job.

We Respect

Clients. Commitments. Confidentiality. Our Colleagues. Ideas. Partners and the value we add through work.


We Have

The Autonomy to be Awesome.

We are empowered to take decisions that will work for the business. No matter how simple or crazy the idea. All we do ensure is to use good judgement.

What’s that? Simple. Team > Self.


We Don't

Exploit, cheat or steal credit. In a perfect world that likes these things, we’d rather be the ‘loose nut’ that begs to differ.

We value integrity more than anything.


What Really Matters To Us

Results > Hours Spent At Work.

We will never fuss about how long one should hang around in office or track time as long as work is completed within deadlines and client commitments are met.


We Are

Uncomfortably brutal when it comes to transparency. The intent is to support the right behavior and better decision making.

Picky about whom we pick. We love people with heart more than grades. Ones who are Humble [Take Responsibility & Give Credit], are Effective [Make a dent. Get Shit done], Adaptable [Life Long Learners], Remarkable [Understand the business, are Creative & Resourceful] and are Transparent [With us and others].

We don’t hire brilliant qualified jerks. Period. Instead, we bet on people.