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This one’s a project that we can never stop being proud of! For Mercedes-Benz, we brought the phrase Jaisa naam, waisa kaam to life with our LinkedIn-driven idea, ‘The Corner Office’, that complimented the brand’s legacy, innovation, and excellence through thought leadership content. After some meticulous research planning, we zeroed down on blogs and infographics for them. Our content now rests on ‘The Corner Office’, a part of the Mercedes-Benz India website, which was amplified on Linkedin through targeted posts & updates post creation.


For Castrol, our team of talented individuals have gone all out to create engaging content. From understanding the psyche and attitudinal preferences of the target audience, Service Providers in Turkey, meticulous planning and executing, to content creation and design, our work for Castrol is truly interesting and impactful. We’ve also trans-created the content pieces in Turkish and with this, Yellow Seed goes international! This project is in collaboration with Mindshare India.

There’s a new industry aur hum explore na karein, ho hi nahi sakta. That’s our story with Kabira Mobility, a two-wheeler electric vehicles’ brand. They gave us a ride into the EV industry, and we recharged their brand image and persona with promotional social media content. We took up their brand positioning as our mission, charged up our creative keedas, and stepped up their social game with dhansu creativity.

Kabira Mobility


Banking & Financial Services


Our association with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund enables us to invest our creative minds into strategizing, researching, planning, developing and managing their profile on a unique Q&A platform - Quora. The primary intent here is to educate the audience about mutual funds with accelerating brand exposure and high visibility. Our knowledge and experience in the BFSI sector helps us manage this mandate to create content, interact with the audience through responses, infographics to make the conversations more interesting and other content types to leverage engagement on Quora. Equipped with detailed understanding of Quora, we dive into the deep end of insights and monitor the performance of the profile and the engagement therein.


Check out the live work for IPruMF quora profile here

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A strong association with IndiaFirst Life Insurance built over the last decade. It all began with creating LinkedIn updates and blogs on life insurance and progressed to creating product-related content and marketing campaigns. Yellow Seed has developed content for several product launches, internal communication campaigns, customer engagement campaigns and even sales channel communication.

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Building the App content and providing support to incoorporate the same, Designing brouchers and user manuals, building their tonality as well as design language

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Our long-term association with BFSI giants such as ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds and IndiaFirst Life Insurance paved our way into the industry. Hence, when we initiated collaboration with the esteemed Kotak General Insurance, we were all geared up to put our creative foot forward. To showcase their insurance products and exceptional financial services, they are on a mission to redefine the brand identity. This is where our expertise comes into play. Intending to bridge the gap with their diverse audience, we breathe new life into their communication strategy through the creation of emailers, push notifications, SMS messages, banners, and WhatsApp posts and banners. We infuse these content pieces with a delightful concoction of pop-culture references, clever puns, and a hint of quirkiness. By doing so, we speak the language of the younger generation while ensuring accessibility for the older demographic. The outcome? A fresh and captivating narrative that not only resonates deeply but also captivates. Kotak General Insurance now forges connections with its audience like never before, transforming financial discourse into an enlightening and enjoyable experience. #FinTalkIsFunTalk

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Our work with Aditya Birla Health Insurance involves creation of engaging content for ‘Activ Health’. The purpose of this ‘content property’ is to drive awareness about their insurance products and about maintaining good health. Easy-to-understand blogs, infographics & videos are being created on content pegs such as health and nutrition, fitness, marathon, balanced diet, mental health and other health-related topics.

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Persnal Branding

Personal Branding

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The consultancy firm excelling in elevating business performance extends its prowess to revenue optimisation, heightened profitability, efficient cash flow and working capital management, and the meticulous assessment of enterprise valuations for fellow businesses. Over the past year, we have been dedicatedly crafting thought leadership content on LinkedIn for their visionary founder and CEO, Deepak Narayanan in the form of articles, static posts, carousel posts, and textual posts.

Furthermore, we have created an exclusive Podcast for him as a way forward. Since its initiation, the podcast Bizdom has collected over 100 plays with just 3 episodes. This collaborative effort is a testament to our commitment to amplifying industry expertise, providing a platform for Deepak Narayanan to share his visionary perspectives and contribute significantly to thought leadership in the business consultancy realm.

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A brand's identity is intricately woven with its work, values, and vision, and at the heart of this narrative is its leader. This is the essence of our collaboration with Pixis. The objective is to amplify the existing leadership content for Neel Pandya, the CEO of EMEA and JAPAC at Pixis, with a keen focus on crafting content that authentically mirrors his persona. Our ambition is to establish a unique intellectual property asset and a platform-centric structure for Neel, providing a showcase for his profound expertise and knowledge.

In our creative process, we seamlessly marry the principles of content marketing with the art of leadership communication, delving into topical content and industry trends. The content reflects Neel's leadership style and delves into technical realms such as codeless AI infrastructures and creative AI models. This collaborative endeavour fortifies our skills in effectively managing, creating, and strategising for corporate leaders and also contributes to the elevation of Neel Pandya's thought leadership profile.

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