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The Banking and Financial Services Industry has been a strong part of us for the greater part of the last decade. Be it life insurance, general insurance, mutual funds, loans, or any other banking service, our team has a specialised hands-on knowledge of it all. But what makes us different? We believe it's our openness to be creative. We aim to make your content interactive, appealing, and innovative.

Here's A Peek Into Our Work In Our World Of Banking & Financial Services.

For our association with DSP, we applied our knowledge from the BFSI industry to work with their distributor network app. We help promote their app by creating social media creatives, emailers, and videos targeted to the app audience, i.e. the distributors. The venture involved scanning the app knowing its features, what needs to be highlighted to the distributor, and creating content to promote it.

Bharti Axa.png.webp

Life insurance selling brand and we bond on different levels… and we decided to all out with our new mate, Bharti AXA Life Insurance. From product launch collaterals like emailers, posters, banners, standees, WhatsApp creatives, and video byte scripts to internal communications, we let our creative minds spread their wings wide. Wait, that’s not it! We created some greatly acknowledged campaigns for them like ‘Renew Kiya Kya?’ and ‘Stay Home Stay Safe & Go Digital’, along with marketing their Unnati Product Launch and GWP product launch.

Fake-QR-emailer-Baxa-option1_whatsapp-adapt (1) (1).jpg
25M Campaign emailer-Baxa-02 (4).jpg
Mahindra HF.png.webp

When a brand collaborating with us has such noble plans, how can we stay behind in boosting their project? So to promote their rural housing loans for the underprivileged, we took to identifying the right audience to talk to and spread the word on MRHF’s Social Media profiles. More so, we went on to create Quarterly Newsletters engaging their stakeholders.

ASEGO Logo.png.webp

There are brands that market insurance plans, and then there are middle agents who actually sell the insurance plans. For Asego, a health insurance brand, it was these agents that we created content for. We saw the supreme power in insurance agents to market their products despite all the dejections, and turmoil, and titled them our Insurance Ninjas, creating communication accordingly. To ease Asego’s processes, we created a Brand Book, then went on to highlight their impressive plans for their Website Content, Emailers, Social Media Content, and Blogs.


For those who believe Fintech brands have to sound serious, it’s a myth! For the Fintech Unicorn, we donned our cape of finance knowledge and dived in to connect them with their audience with our favourite weapon - creativity. Driving their brand image primarily towards LinkedIn, we went on to liven up their image with Infographics, video content, and creative GIFs.

Client Logos File for Awesomness-08.png.webp

We share a special bond with the BFSI industry, and that is reflected in our collaboration with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. For them, we armed ourselves with the right plan - Quora Marketing and invested our creative minds into strategising, researching, developing, and managing their Quora profile. The primary intent has always been to educate the audience about mutual funds while accelerating brand exposure and high visibility with our knowledge and experience in the BFSI sector. Alongside creating content, we interact with the audience through responses, create infographics to make the conversations more interesting, and encourage engagement on Quora. Our hard work bagged us the prestigious Gold at SAMMIES 2020 for Best Use of Social Media in the Brand - Platforms category.

Infographic 05_match your financial goal.jpg.webp
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2_Everything you need to know about SIP_.jpg.webp

Our collaboration with Aditya Birla Health Insurance was initiated in 2018. The primary scope of work was creating blog pieces for their Activ Living Blog Page. The conversation on these blogs began with a focus on Asthma, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Diabetes. Moving forth, these blogs were spread across various topics like health, lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness as projected as lateral communication.

Yoga Pranayamas That Help With Asthma-01.jpg.webp
Simple Activities For Mental Wellness Du.jpg.webp
IndiaFirst Life Insurance.png

We’ve built a strong association with IndiaFirst Life Insurance built over the last decade. It all began with creating LinkedIn updates and blogs on life insurance and progressed to creating product-related content and marketing campaigns. Over the years we have developed content for several product launches, internal communication campaigns, customer engagement campaigns, and even sales channel communication.

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E term Mailer 2-01.jpg.webp
Emailer_Infographic 4.jpg
Angle Broking Logo-01.jpg.webp

Attention to mobile applications has grown to be one of the key agendas of various brands. Hence when its app downloads dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic, Angel Broking, India’s biggest stockbroking firm needed a plan to rise. Our creative team helped them identify the problem and took up the challenge of promoting app downloads.  With the help of targeted communication, we were able to garner higher download rates while encouraging customers to use the app to start their first transaction. Comic strips and infographics were a few key content formats used in their campaign that led to an increase in interactions and activity on their application.

Comic Book-01.jpg
Comic Book-02.jpg.webp
Comic Book-03.jpg.webp
Comic Book-02.jpg.webp
Comic Book-03.jpg.webp
Comic Book-05.jpg.webp

With Piramal Capital and Housing Finance, one of the leading housing finance companies in India, we set on an exciting journey and gave an interesting makeover to the brand’s voice. We launched campaigns that had the perfect blend of entertainment and emotion to highlight their core message, products, and other services. The content was in the form of updates, posts, GIFs, and videos on their social media assets namely, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Party ki tayyari mein living room, kitch.jpg.webp
#BTKaroPaiseBachao- New-13 (1).jpg.webp
PCHF Loan Against Property Campaign Crea.jpg
kotak Logo.png

Well known for its high-value products and financial services in the insurance space, Kotak General Insurance sought out a content partner that could help them close the gap with their audience. Our resonated focus helped them with the creation of emailers, push notifications, SMS, banners, and WhatsApp posts and banners, but with a twist. Breaking the fin-talk stereotype, we added a dash of pop-culture references, puns, and quirk in their content, matching the language their younger audience speaks, and the older audience is adapting to.

KGI_Oct_KHP_Halloween_Emailer_Revised v1.jpg
KGI_Policy Flyers_HDC Individual_Revised v4.jpg
KGI_Policy Flyers_Car Insurance_Revised v8.jpg
KGI_October_KHP_Dussehra_Emailer_Revised v4.jpg
HDFC credila.png.webp

The BFSI sector and we have a very special bond, and that's how HDFC Credila and we got to know each other. Small talks led to bigger conversations and we got to know that they were looking to promote their plans of non-banking finance along with education loans as a smart choice. Moving on, we told them our special blog strategy for them, showing them how it's going to benefit them.


A consumer finance brand, Pepper Money distinguishes itself through personalised assistance, exclusive offers, and irresistible discounts. Hailing from the BFSI fraternity, the brand approached us to shape its vision through content. We started by crafting its content and design guidelines, an integral step to ensure consistent and strong brand communication. We also helped it craft the in-app and app content as well as designed brochures and user manuals for the brand that aimed to spread the word about the brand. 

For Reliance Mutual Fund, our team of creative wizards created and designed impressive social media posts and informative blogs on Mutual Funds. With over 100 articles and social media updates, we supported the brand in enhancing customer engagement through educational and awareness-building content.


For All About Money by Axis Bank, in association with ‘To The New’, team Yellow Seed designed attractive and precise infographics, and blogs and developed video scripts for content around the importance of saving and making the right investment for a secured future.


For Franklin Templeton, we created a content bank of articles for their ‘Good EMI’ campaign. The idea was to highlight the benefits of disciplined investments leading to a stable and secure financial future. We introduced the concept of Good EMI to young investors by providing detailed yet simplified guides on investments.


With Reliance Home Finance, Yellow Seed created Thought Leadership Content for Senior Management and various internal communication from the CEO’s Desk. Additionally, we implemented various online campaigns, internal communication campaigns and content for sales campaigns.


With Reliance Home Finance, Yellow Seed created Thought Leadership Content for Senior Management and various internal communications from the CEO’s Desk. Additionally, we implemented various online campaigns, internal communication campaigns and content for sales campaigns.

Century Financial Logo.png

For the Dubai-based financial services provider we aimed to let out our fun side and get quirky with finance talks. The brand specialises in investments and trading in financial instruments like currencies, indices, shares, commodities, treasuries and ETFs, along with exchange-traded derivatives. We started by creating an internal campaign named Humans Of Century Financials to engage the internal team. For the audience, the second prong, we created SEO blogs to take off the blindfold of boredom and incorrect information about the brand’s services.

SAV. Money Logo.png

The UAE-based savings app aims to shift the concept of finance from trouble to joy. To reinforce its ideas, the brand has set up saving rules and rewards for every Dirham the consumers save. To help them spread the word of joyful savings, they approached us to create strategy and content for social media marketing and promote them on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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