Branded Content

Win people over with your content. Once you do, you’ll have their trust and win their attention. Say hello to the fine art and science of storytelling. Understanding your audience and cracking insights to craft new ideas do come naturally. What can we say, it’s a gift! After all, the best stories are the ones that touch a chord and then, leave the audience asking for more.

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Branded Content & 360° Integration

First up, content creators like us are allowed to be weird! Ask us and we’ll showcase how we built over 10 pieces each for a different brand in a day. We have also developed a proficient flair for strategizing and executing brand integrations using multiple formats & tie-ups across platforms - for brands and agencies alike.

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Copywriting and Other Mumbo Jumbo!

We’re a crazy think tank from another planet. For us content marketing is like a marathon and not a sprint. Our day is full of germinating ideas, designing them and placing it out there for the world to see! Every bit counts especially when it it’s your money on the line. Catchy headlines, creative copy and captivating visuals across print, radio, everyday marketing collateral and digital, we don’t hold back when it comes to meeting your business objectives.

We continue to act as consultants to leading platforms and agencies often re-defining how brands are perceived. From content strategy assignments, to calendars & insight maps, give us a tinkle and we'll hopefully surprise you!