We’re not really into blowing our own trumpet too loud. It’s just the way we are. But then, we’ve done some pretty awesome stuff in the last few years. Here’s a peek.

Brainwave_speed blogging.png

Speed Blogging

15,500 words in 90 minutes! That’s 172 words a minute or better still, 2.87 words a second! What’s that you ask? That’s the amount of content that was generated at India’s first ever Speed Blogging Contest! We created history, on 27th September, 2013 with India’s First Speed Blogging Contest. A unique concept which revolved around creating lots of new content on a plethora of topics within a limited time frame. The participants had to write original posts on the topics which appeared on their screens every ten minutes. Call this more of a battle of wits and a test of your ability as a blogger to think out of the box!



It's exactly what it sounds like – a tweeting marathon! Tweetathon was an online event where Tweeps centered their tweets around a particular topic. On 25th September 2014 we, along with a bunch of tweeps, managed to tweet our way to glory with topics that covered everything under the sun. Oh, did we mention that the topics changed every minute? Although it was a Tweetathon, it provided insight into how we create and consume content. Definitely a great way to get rid of a writer’s block. #WeThink

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Content Connect

Ideas are extremely elusive and the power of ideas is like no other. ‘Content Connect’ was a series of Writing Workshops, which we established to help participants learn and share new ideas as well as elements that helped enhance their writing skills. Spread over multiple workshop led sessions, this program covered various forms of written content such as blogs, reviews, SEO content, website copy, script writing, press releases, copy writing and much more. Content Connect was a platform created with an objective to equip you with all the attributes of great content through a series of writing workshops.